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    I’m not afraid of werewolves or vampires or haunted houses.

    I’m afraid of what real human beings to do to other real human beings.

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    "Its ok to be proud of yourself" - Jesse Boykins III 

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    Paid In Full

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    I have 4, 11x14” Tomorrow’s Leaders prints left from the edition of 17. Email me if you’re interested. You can find my email on the contact page with the link in my bio

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    I want to purchase one of those shirts…

    we aren’t the ones going around shooting innocent people. we’re not the ones who need to be wearing this shirt. 

    I aint down with the “docile vulnerable negro” wave

    "docile" naa this is political i wear this to work, around campus (PWI), and I go shopping in that shirt. Docile? No. Political. Yes. When people see this shirt they know exactly what I am talking about. This is called autonomy.

    Yes because playing the role of the unarmed, compliant, non-aggressive, nonthreatening negro has worked so well for us. 

    If you want to talk politics, policy, aka how white folks deal with people then the first lesson of the day is that the only thing Power respects is Power. 

    Wearing a shirt that says “Unarmed” is not powerful.  

    bc i say i am unarmed means i am compliant? show me the math please. and are you saying i have to be armed to be dangerous? obviously not. all it takes is for someone is to think that I am. Just being autonomous make me dangerous, the color of my skin makes me dangerous, my stature makes me dangerous, the hair that grows out of my head makes me dangerous, the hair on my face makes me dangerous. And the fact that I am unarmed and clearly saying that I am, makes no difference which why wearing this shirt is political.

    there’s a difference between being dangerous and being a target. Your hair, stature, skin color make you a target. The ability to wield power effectively makes you dangerous. The proclamation of “Unarmed” on a shirt does absolutely nothing to lessen your viability as a target. In fact it probably heightens it being we’re dealing with racial psychopaths. Dangerous means that there is a degree of risk, to be harmed, injured, or killed. The police know there is minimal degree of risk involved with us. So when they don riot gear and shields and break out the dogs and high powered firearms, it isn’t a fear reaction, it’s a sadistic reaction. You’re wearing a shirt in hopes of prompting a reaction, a guilt reaction, shame, uncomfortability. They. Do. Not. Care. They do not have guilt or shame and they will turn a blind eye to your message, or worse yet turn it into a commodity. In order for a message to be political, it must challenge policy. The message of the unarmed Black has been trumpeted for two generations with no impact on policy. It’s time to change the message.

    Wearing a shirt like this does not diminish the fact that I am black but what it does is to let people know who see this is that I am aware. I am telling you what I am. I am Black, and I am unarmed. I am also seen as dangerous under the idea that “black men are brutes”. This shirt removes the idea that I am threatening because I have a weapon. Therefore I am only threatening under preconception of race. Of course a shirt doesn’t attack policy atleast not by just one word alone.This shirt is bigger than being “unarmed” it bigger than the both of us but to say that wearing this shirt makes me docile is a reason why the black community is so divided even if it only because a matter of opinion.

    again you’re attempting to appeal to morality and ethics. There is no morality here. Saying “see you’re only doing this because I’m Black” has no currency. They know this already. So who are you appealing, and to what end? This is power pure and simple. You either have the power to enforce your right to exist on this plane of existence or you dont . We live in a society that for over 500 years has done evevrything in it’s power to police us, cull us, destroy us. We have every damn right to be a threat. We have every right to he dangerous, and to be armed. Not being armed has done exactly two things for us, Jack and Shit. You ever heard of Robert F. Williams? Negros with guns? Niggas willing to kill to protect their right to exist are dangerous, niggas appealing to the moral conscience of their oppressor remain victims, and damn their children to the same fate.

    😒 I know what you’re saying but that’s not what I’m saying at all. This shirt doesn’t represent what you think it does, to me at least. I thought I’ve made that clear but obviously not. This shirt has a different meaning that what you’re attaching to it. Wearing a shirt like this doesn’t mean that I am not militant, it doesn’t mean that I won’t fight for my rights violently nor is it saying that I will. It’s just a shirt that says “unarmed” which means something different to everyone who sees it and “docile” is the last thing this shirt should say about myself. No where did I say I won’t fight for my rights no where does this shirt say that either. And if you want to use take about fallacies, and morally then tell me on what premises have you decided I am any of the things that you accuse me of?

    this person is reaching so much that they missed the entire point of the shirt. if anything this shirt will make white people uncomfortable. nothing about this shirt says docile. it makes a statement. your fault for not understanding context.

    ….shirts like this and the attitudes that inspire them are why niggas are an endangered species. 

    ….white people know we’re “unarmed” literally and figuratively, they know we have no power.

    ….we will never have power so long as we are more concerned with appeasing the white gaze than we are with eradicating it’s utility in policing our minds, bodies, and souls. 

    ….this shirt translates to “i’m just minding my business, please don’t kill me white people.”

    …this shirt conveys passivity in every sense of the word. your statement is one that is inherently non-threatening to the murderous white establishment, and thus useless in any effort to be liberating. 

    …but if you think i’m wrong go buy it, pay that sales tax, and finance your own oppression. 

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    She is beautiful 😊😊

    Yes lips and hell yes nose!!!

    She’s gorgeous!

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